Open your mind, strengthen your body and renew your spirit!

Yoga holds different meanings to many of us. To some it means building a lean, strong body. To others it is all about calming the mind. And for some, it means connecting with the inner self or spirit. All are correct. Yoga literally means to yoke or unite. It is the union of the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga with NU-U Health & Fitness

At NU-U Health & Fitness we believe yoga has a significant impact on a persons health and wellness and believe it should be incorporated into your wellness plan. Our comfortable, private studio is the ideal place to let go of the day’s pressures and stress and just be in the moment, to concentrate on U.

We currently offer vinyasa flow style yoga classes. Our flow classes will move you through a sequence postures to the rhythm of your breath and music. Classes can be gentle or energetic and powerful. See our schedule for dates, times and class descriptions.

Join us for a journey to inner peace and tranquility as you strengthen your body, calm your mind and connect with your inner self.

Find balance with each flicker of light that warms your heart.

Benefits of Yoga

It has been proven that regular practice of yoga can lower blood pressure and increase a person’s strength and flexibility. Not only does yoga positively impact a person’s physical well-being, but it has a significant impact on one’s mental well-being. Many of us begin to practice yoga simply for physical exercise, but soon notice a renewed energy, a happier outlook on life, and the ability to cope better in stressful situations as well as sleep better.

The benefits of yoga go beyond increased flexibility. Yoga can also:

* increase muscle strength and balance

* build self confidence

* strengthen your immune system

* bring inner peace by reducing stress

* assist with sports injury recovery

* boost sex life/drive

* open your mind to new possibilities and experiences

* bring relief to Vertigo suffers

* relieve symptoms of IBS