The float studio, Autumn Sessions

Aura and Alisha here, and we are on a mission…
We are working towards creating a community at The Float Studio to be able to collaborate, share a safe space and keep our circle growing.

Our Autumn Sessions are posted and registration is now open!
As we are a small studio, our mat space per class is limited. For the Fall, we are starting to run our classes as sessions.
Yoga/Pilates sessions begin Monday.
Attached you will find the flyer.
Spots fill up quick.
Please register to save your mat space with an e-mail stating which session(s) you want to sign up for. 
If you are interested in registering for more than 1 session, just let us know and we can arrange a price package for you.
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Stay tuned for our e-mails regarding upcoming events at the studio, workshops, classes, specials, new information that we’re learning about and more!
We look forward to connecting with you soon.
Much Love and Much Peace,
Aura & Alisha


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Free intro workshop

It’s September!

Back to routine is around the corner!

  • Keep the relaxed flow of your summer as a priority.
  • Maintain and cultivate your inner peace by practicing meditation.

Drop by for a free intro workshop on September 11th, 5.30pm at Nu-u Float Studio and discover what our 13 week trimester meditation program is all about.

All levels are welcome.


For more info contact:

Psychology of Meditation: Tame your Monkey Mind!

Understand the role of perceptions and lifestyle in supporting meditation practice. Learn ancient sense-mastery techniques to clear your mind. Explore the relationship between your beliefs or mental processes and your experience of inner peace.


Fall Trimester course Topics:

  • Coping with stress and distractions
  • Role of beliefs in personal pain
  • Ancient sense-mastery techniques
  • Variety of relaxation practices
  • Relationship between mental processes and your experience of inner peace


“Meditation teaches me to be patient and kind toward myself.  It helps being aware of every moment and when I am aware I can then be fully present” L.J

PROGRAM SESSIONS: Tuesdays, 5:30-7pm

  • 13 week session from September 18th to December 11th
  • September 11th, free introductory workshop
  • 1 two hour weekend Workshops, November 17th


Join us for one trimester, one session, or purchase our 5 class packageTop of Form. Sign up for the year and become a certified meditation teacher.



For more info contact Alix Loewenguth:

The Summer Trimester, offering Tools for Stress-Free Life!

Tuesdays, May 22d to July 24th, 2018 @ 5:30-7pm

Imagine life-long freedom from stress!

Learn to keep your meditation practice vital by exploring what holds you back. Find freedom from stress through longevity of practice. Learn to keep meditation practice vital by exploring your inner resistances and realize the simple psychological practices that help free you from internal oppression. Discover the tools to understand yourself and practical lifestyle tips to move from “stress management” to “stress transformation”!


Learn how to:

  • Create and maintain meditative discipline
  • Cultivate skills for clarity and tranquility
  • Find tools to understand the ego/personality self
  • Face the issues that lie beneath the surface
  • Release the past using gratitude and forgiveness
  • Develop a healthy relationship to future goals
  • Identify, understand, and cope with daily emotions

If you have any questions or interested
in attending our 10-week sessions, please contact:

Sign-up for the whole year for certification. Sign up for a single trimester. Purchase a 5 class package or join us for one session!