Train hard and embrace the outdoors!

At NU-U BootCamp there are NO LIMITS: it’s a total body outdoor fitness program in a private setting. We accommodate every fitness level, from out-of-shape beginners to advanced athletes, as everyone works at their own pace.

A powerful total body workout!

Our Can Fit Pro certified instructors will lead you through fast-paced workouts, focusing on core strength and endurance building exercises, along with strength training and fat burning cardio drills. Sessions are limited to 10-12 participants, ensuring that our instructors are able to give their full attention to each participant. We constantly track the participants’ form and progress.

You can expect a variety of exercises including cardio, circuit, balance, stability, weight, speed and agility training, group challenges, fitness games, obstacle courses and kettle ball training.

Our BootCamp classes accommodate every fitness level. You’ll train and achieve results you never thought possible!

Our programs feature high and low impact adaptations to all exercises, so everyone has a challenging workout and no one is left behind!

All this WITHOUT the hassle of a gym! You’ll enjoy our BootCamp location that will instantly boost your energy and motivate you to reach your ultimate potential in health and fitness!

What is particularly exciting is that all classes are held outside, rain or shine – Spring to late Fall. You’ll find that doing pushups in a downpour is as invigorating as power hiking on a crisp, cloudless day.

This is definitely the type of fitness outlet that needs to be experienced first-hand, especially if you’re unfamiliar with this kind of training and/or just want a break from the monotony of gym life and want to breathe some fresh air.

NU-U BootCamp is results-oriented, reliable, and a fun way to ‘get into the best shape of your life’.