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ELENA – Founder

Growing up in Europe, (surrounded by mountains, fresh air, outdoor games and exercise), built my passion to do what I do today .

I feel that my mission is to inspire others to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, to educate them on the importance of incorporating fitness activity in their daily lives and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. Fitness has to be fun, don’t think of it as punishment. My goal is to get you to experience how good being fit feels.

It doesn’t matter what age, body shape or fitness level you are, I have the passion and techniques to motivate and encourage you to become your best.

I invite you to try one of our fitness or training activities and expect to sweat with a smile. Become the new you with Nu-U Health and fitness.

My certifications:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Instructor CANFITPRO
  • Certified Pilates Instructor
  • Licensed Zumba Instructor
  • Certified Piloxing Instructor
  • Bootcamp Instructor



My love for fitness and desire to encourage others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle is at the foundation of my fitness career.

As a Fitness Instructor I will keep you motivated by varying styles and techniques so exercise becomes INTERESTING and FUN. I understand there’s often a reluctance to take time for ourselves; we’ve all felt the looming “guilt factor” most people feel when actually doing something for themselves.

I am confident that through motivation and a FUN & REWARDING fitness class, I can help you overcome that reluctance and provide a clear path to a healthier lifestyle.

Why Work with NU-U Health & Fitness?

One word… INSPIRING!

Elena inspires everyone to do their best, even her fitness colleagues. She’s there for everyone!

We also share the same passion and belief in fitness. Elena’s holistic approach to healthy living – Health, Fitness and Love – fits with how I believe everyone should care for themselves.

NU-U Health & Fitness puts their clients’ needs first. Through the various fitness classes offered, boot camp training, ongoing nutritional and fitness counseling, informative newsletters, as well as Elena’s supportive quotes on Facebook and her blog, clients are never alone on their journey to a healthier lifestyle and receive the skills necessary for lifelong wellness.

Remember, when we take care of ourselves we are better equipped to care for others.

My certifications:

  • Yoga Instructor
  • Fitness Instructor CANFITPRO
  • Licensed Zumba Instructor
  • Licensed Zumbathonic Instructor (Zumba for Kids)
  • Bootcamp Instructor