Next Sessions Begin Monday, November 4th

Hello Everyone,

Elena here again! I had a great vacation but it’s always so good to come home. I’m grateful to be back and more determined to help those who want to live a fuller life in health and happiness. I am committed to helping U build the best version of yourself.
I got to visit some amazing parts of this incredible world, and the whole time all I kept on remembering how blessed I am to be able to lead by example what I teach and preach every day. If my health wasn’t in order, I would not have been able to experience the breath taking views at the top of a number of mountains! I was able to walk around the different cities I visited and experience the history of the city through stories and monuments. It was a true blessing to plank around Europe in the last month— and I would always drop a plank where there was a big crowd, in hopes to inspire!
Next week we are starting NEW sessions.
This next session will be focused towards feeling strong and beautiful, from the inside out! Let’s roll into the big 2020 in our power.
The winter months can be long, and heavy but if you can EMPOWER your own self to get outside, to work on your physical, mental and spiritual health and to do whatever U can in your power to stay in your power— you will win life.
Flyers attached, also posted on Facebook and Instagram
Trick or Treat at the bar tonight and don’t forget your costumes!
Prizes, treats and fitness fun — classes are free all week long, bring your friends to the party! 
(we know how to Halloween guilt free, and it’s not even that spooky)
((if your costume restricts range of motion you lose points))
Love ‘U’ ALL!!